Patrick Schwarzenegger epitomises California-living, with an ‘anything is possible’ attitude, Hollywood looks and effortless style – and that is precisely the inspiration for MANGO Man’s SS19 collection. Patrick is the star of this newest sunlit campaign which puts a nonchalant Cali-suave at the forefront. It’s an aesthetic that brings MANGO’s carefree ethos to the next level. The high-street favourite prioritises wearability without compromising on style in an appealing mix of dapper, yet lightweight, suits and elegant basics that would fit in well with every man’s closet.


Get a first look at the campaign and get familiar with its leading man below.


Sarah Osei You’re the face of MANGO Man’s SS19 collection, which builds on timeless pieces. What is your signature look?

Patrick Schwarzenegger Honestly I don’t have a signature look. I like to change things up all the time, and my style evolves as I evolve as a person—similar to Mango as a company. Some days I’m a classic white shoes light blue jeans and a white tee. Other days I’m black jeans with a grey turtleneck and camel overcoat, other days I’m a comfortable sweatpants. I think the fun thing about fashion and clothing is that it can change all the time

SO You’ve frequently cast for roles as ‘prince charming’ – from Ariana Grande’s ‘Right there’ music video to your film ‘Midnight Sun’. Are we accurate in assuming Patrick is a lady charmer in real life?

PS Well, I just did a film called ‘Daniel isn’t real’ that’s premiering at South By Southwest, and let me tell you I’m the furthest thing from Prince Charming in that film, ha! I play someone else’s psychotic alter ego…but in real life, I think I’m a gentleman; I have a wonderful girlfriend so I guess I’m a singular lady man and not a ladies man haha.

SO Tell us why you founded the pizza franchise ‘Blaze Pizza’. Was it just a ploy to get free pizza..?

PS I LOVE PIZZA! But I love tons of other things. It was my first real business venture and now it’s grown to 300 stores. Of course I was just one of many partners so I can’t take credit, but it was awesome to watch and help it grow but it was the best learning experience when it comes to business—getting to learn first handedly business operations. Now I have 14 different companies ranging from more food and beverages to health & fitness stores and products.

SO What was your last most impulsive decision?

PS Maybe yesterday… it was raining in LA and I have this old school umbrella hat that looks like the rainbow haha I was like ‘hmmm do I wear this…?’ I probably look like a fool, but then I just thought whatever it’s cool and wore it anyways, haha. But a lot of my decisions come from a gut feeling. What do I feel at first-thought and I listen to what my gut is telling me to do.


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