For its Spring/Summer ’19 ‘Characterful style’ campaign Kurt Geiger enlisted some of the the most exciting British talent, starting with Susie Bubble. With a character just as bright and bubbly as her style, it’s no wonder Maya Jama made the list.



SARAH OSEI Maya Jama, you’re unstoppable! From releasing your second Pretty Little Thing Collection to your podcast ‘When Life Gives You Melons‘ being in the iTunes top 10, you were also the youngest person to host the MOBO Awards – the list goes on. What do you believe has been the biggest milestone in your career?

MAYA JAMA Hosting the MOBOs in 2017. I was the youngest host ever at 23 and it was a childhood dream. Also hosting ‘Stand up to cancer’ live with Alan Carr and Adam Hill – definite pinch me moment.

SO You also feature in Kurt Geiger’s latest campaign, presenting a new exciting range of accessories for SS19. What’s an accessory or item of clothing that you wear too much?

MJ Gold hoop earrings, lol, everyday.

SO Describe your personal style in 3 words.

MJ Bright, sexy, chill.

SO Other than using sheet masks on planes, what is the biggest Maya Jama beauty secret we don’t know yet?

MJ Dove soap, plain and simple. I’ve learnt for my skin anyway, the less I use the better.

“There have been a lot of things in my life that should have really held me back, but I never let them.”

SO On social media you’re quite candid and comfortable showing yourself in “unflattering” ways. That said, can you tell us about your alter-ego ‘Steve’?

MJ Haha, Steve is a Snapchat filter personality, he’s an old man who’s been single for too long and forever on the prowl for a wife (laughs). My imagination goes off once I see how different the filters can make you look.

SO Through your platform, you are known for lifting people up and filling them with positive energy. Who’s the person that does this for you?

MJ My friend Penny, she’s always full of positive uplifting chat and is always there to reassure me when I need it. She has her own affirmation cards she sells also.

SO Looking back at how far you’ve come, what do you admire the most about yourself?

MJ I think being resilient. There have been a lot of things in my life that should have really held me back, but I never let them. I believe no matter how hard life can feel at one point in time, no pain is forever.

“Don’t get disheartened by no’s ’cause there will be loads of ’em.”

SO What advice would you give to someone who is unsure of how to start to chase their dreams?

MJ I’d say you’ll never know if you never try! You only have one life and you should live it as fully as you can, don’t get disheartened by no’s ’cause there will be loads of ’em.


SO Recently you’ve been vocal about having anxiety. What is the most difficult part of having such a high profile and how do you get through even the hardest of days?

MJ It’s never easy, everyone has bad times, but something I have found that helps is praying. And if you’re not religious then try listing off everything you’re grateful for in the morning before you check your phone or before you do anything else, for example “I have a loving family, a roof over my head…” – and usually after doing that I feel better about life in general. It’s a process, though rough times will happen throughout life, it’s okay to feel low or to not have everything together. Give yourself time and allow yourself to feel. Also talk to someone, there’s nothing worse than going through something and not being able to unload.

SO What would you call your life story?

MJ “A beautiful shambles”.

SO So what’s next? What’s your next ‘dream come true’?

MJ I actually don’t know… I’m trying to master everything I’m doing already, but I want to start my own business and have something that doesn’t necessarily have to do with my face or voice. And another dream is to be in a big Hollywood film…

Interview SARAH OSEI