Interview spoke with Malgosia Bela about her friendship with Claire, slowing down and her plans for the future:

Interview:You were trained in playing classical piano and studied literature, how was it breaking into the fashion industry?

Malgosia: Yes, it was quite a dramatic change. Let’s not forget it was over 20 years ago, when access to the world of high fashion for a girl from music school in Poland was close to zero. In order to write an e-mail I had to queue to use a communal computer at the university library (one for 300 students). We couldn’t surf internet or check something on Instagram. I didn’t even have a cell phone. So yes, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

I: Since you are a culture expert, what are your favorite artists at the moment?

M: It might not sound very modest of me, but my favorite artist at the moment is my husband, Pawel Pawlikowski, author of a beautiful movie “Cold War”. A recent discovery for me is the painter and visual artist Aleksandra Waliszewska. You must have a look at her work!

I: Do you have a practice to detach from the fast-paced fashion world?

M: My life is my practice. I lead a very nice quiet family life in Warsaw. But if things get too hectic there, my husband and I go to our little safe heaven on a small Greek island……But I have to say after 40 I’ve become a pretty laid back, zen person, even in the backstage of a fashion show.

I: Claire Thomson-Jonville and you are very close. Did you enjoy working together as friends?

M: Of course! Always so nice to work with people you like very much and respect. In the case of Claire, it’s double easy as we share the same style and taste in clothes and pictures.

I: You are also pursuing a career in acting, was that always a dream of yours?

M: Acting is something I do once in a while, if a friend asks me to participate I their project usually. It’s hardly ever a big role. So, acting is not really a career for me, it’s nothing I pursue. I would call it a hobby.

I: Do modeling and acting have a lot in common or is it a completely different experience for you?

M: I think in general they are completely different things…. And one may even go against the other. However, in my case, it often stays on quite superficial, aesthetic level (nothing wrong with that!) and then it’s good to know your best angles, your good light and be camera conscious.

Still, in both jobs you need to be able to work with others and stay focused, work long hours, but most of all…hurry up and wait!!!.

I: How would you describe your personal style?

M: Masculine and minimal, with as little fuss as possible. On special occasion, a feminine dress, but most often trousers, shirts, blazers.

I: Do you have a thing for tailoring, like it is shown in the Capsule Collection for Pallas?

M: I love attention to detail and good tailoring. And the combination of chic and casual feels very natural to me, perhaps that’s why I was chosen to present the Capsule Collection of Pallas!

I: Is there another career you would want to pursue in the future?

M: I think I’m already naturally drifting towards something else, something that includes writing and editing. Other than that, I am currently pursuing a career of a patient mother of a teenager, supporting wife (behind a great man there is always a great – or at least well dressed –  woman, don’t forget), occasional cook and cleaning lady….

That’s already multitasking!

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