One of the most joyful moments for a magazine is the launch of a new print issue, you work on it for months and months, with growing expectations – like a baby. As the interviews were finalised and images started rolling in, we got seriously excited, it was hard to keep our lips sealed. Finally the moment is here. We introduce the Interview Spring/Summer 2019 issue. We hope you’ll be as excited about our baby as we are.


There were whispers for weeks at the Interview office. A five letter name with echoes of “But it’s not confirmed yet” and “too good to be true.” When we finally got the glossy pictures back there was a collective sigh of relief: “KYLIE”. For Kylie Jenner a full makeup and fitting session with a follow-up shoot are just another activity between breakfast and lunch, but we still count ourselves lucky that we got the slot. She’s been plastered on magazines since childhood, one could say she is, er… well-covered on that matter. Still, Kylie on our cover is a privilege we take very seriously. Freshly crowned the youngest billionaire, we’re happy to celebrate the beauty mogul on our pages.

Hard work pays off. At least it seems to be a running theme in our cover lineup. It’s certainly true for British model Ruth Bell, who has steadily been climbing the fashion ranks and effortlessly starrs in an intimate cover series this issue. We continue with the remarkable Tess McMillan, the model who made it from J.C.Penney brochures in Dallas to high fashion, and is now dolled up on our cover in the latest TommyxZendaya collection. Supermodel doesn’t quite do justice to our next cover-star, Grace Hartzel. Hedi Slimane calls her his muse and now so do we.

And last, but not least, there’s our final cover. He isn’t a self-made billionaire, nor is he a supermodel, but that doesn’t make him less impressive. Jamie Bell’s been acting since he was 13 and we caught up with the acting prodigy 20 years into his remarkable career. He revealed he doesn’t like watching his own movies, but we hope he doesn’t mind seeing himself on our cover.

There’s always a thrill this time of year, as spring rouses. This is a moment to celebrate what’s new. Whether it’s actress Joey King in the latest Fendi collection, Stephanie Watine Arnault giving us a taste of the future of luxury with Clos19 or introducing you to the rising star of German cinema, Jonas Dassler.

We pride ourselves on prophesying the future, especially of fashion, always staying ahead of trend, but sometimes you have to slow down and take a look back instead. We did exactly that with Levi’s and their new engineered collection, which returns to our pages 20 years after making its initial debut. The past is a loaded gun of inspiration, especially in Berlin, the city interview calls home. In 2019 it’s time to look back at 30 years since the fall of the Wall, and we were pleased to include photographer Harry Benson’s exceptional contributions to our cityscape.

For us the interview is an art that goes further than conversation and we’re indebted to all the extraordinary people we’ve had the honour to talk to. In this Spring/Summer 2019 issue our amazing contributors and talents collectively tell the story of what is truly Interview: it’s creative, energetic and various. We hope you enjoy.