The silk road was the ancient trade network that connected the East with the West, where silk goods and cultures were exchanged. It was a journey that has always been intertwined with luxury, travelling from the savoir-faire and well-kept secrets of of Asian artisans to the royal courts of Europe. Today ZAZI honours the rich cultural heritage of the silk road with its latest collection, in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. With this venture the Berlin-based label does not only take inspiration from the route’s vibrancy and craft, at its core this collection empowers and supports women and communities in Afghanistan, the heart of the silk road.

Since its birth ZAZI has mastered a niche that few in fashion dare to approach: ethical luxury. While many use the term ‘sustainable’ as a fad, for ZAZI it is threaded into its ethos. It all started with founder Jeanne de Kroon’s disillusion with the inequality and wastefulness perpetuated by the fashion industry and her ambition to make a difference. Her vision to create fashion with a conscience bridges the gap between consumer and production, with a focus on sustainability and women’s economic and social independence. Using vintage fabrics from Central Asia and supporting local artisans to craft the clothes is a central tenet. It is this authentic philosophy and vibrant aesthetic which makes ZAZI so distinctive.

This collection expands on what the brand has always stood for, while harnessing the Ethical Fashion Initiative’s mission in the area. Afghanistan has a rich history of producing unique materials, the Initiative’s role has been to empower artisanship in marginalised communities, with its local social enterprise partner “Zarif Design“.

In collaboration, ZAZI, the EFI and Zarif Design, with the support of the European Aid, pay homage to the women central to the silk road. By developing a technique of “slow” production, each piece is unique and the craft and creativity of the workers is protected and rewarded. The journey that every piece undertakes makes each gown, fabric and stitch a tribute. It tells a story of beauty and hope, along the silk road.

(Right) ZAZI-founder Jeanne de Kroon


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