From the first of July to the sixth, there will be fashion shows, events, panel talks and parties all over Berlin, because MBFW invites the fashion crowd to celebrate renowned as well as up and coming design talents. This will happen under the seasonal claim “FOLLOW MBFW – FOCUS FASHION’ and aims at making German fashion more visible and perceptible. There will be the Neonyt, a sustainable fashion fair, a diversity party, a She’s Mercedes Talk focused on ‘Female Changemakers’ hosted by Blogger Bazaar, runway shows by big designers like Marina Hoermanseder, David Tomaszewski or Michalsky, and new labels, like the ones of Lou de Bètoly and Christoph Rumpf – two of our favourites! And of course many more, which you can find within the official Berlin Fashion Week calendar.

As the winner of the 2019 Hyères Festival price ‘Grand Vision’, the oldest fashion festival in the world, the 25-year old designer from Graz shows his new collection in Berlin.

Christoph Rumpf is the pioneer of a new anti-minimalism, anti-streetwear, of re-introducing the opulent aesthetics from past fashion times, when it was still more important to create worlds than to sell clothes. With role models like Galliano and Alexander McQueen, the Austrian designer fashions his menswear designs around a story of a little boy growing up in the jungle, rediscovering his royal roots and trying to fit in within this new world. Christoph Rumpf realizes his collections with an approach of sustainability – handpicking pieces from flea markets and second-hand shops, he wraps his models in old carpets or curtains and uses pieces of chandeliers as accessories. The rest of the material he uses comes from dead stocks. With his second collection, he will tap into womenswear as well, even though his Hyères collection was beautifully genderless, and tell a different story.

Christoph Rumpf exclusively designed a Mercedes-Benz CLA for MBFW, which will be showcased in front of ewerk and will be raffled among all MBFW Instagram followers, who like the raffle-post and link three friends.

Christoph Rumpf FIAMH 2019 Hyères, France

Christoph Rumpf FIAMH 2019 Hyères, France


If you want to be there when it happens and win two tickets for the
Christoph Rumpf Show
1. Juli 2019, 12:00 pm
ewerk, Berlin

Follow @mbfw.berlin and @interview_de on Instagram and drop us an e-mail with your names at verlosung@interview.de with the subject line “MBFWChristoph Rumpf Raffle” until Friday, the 28th at 3pm

All shows will be broadcasted via live stream, which you can watch here, via Facebook or YouTube. You can find more behind-the-scenes material on Instagram.