It was a celebration of Kate Spade New York‘s brand new vision under creative director Nicola Glass, who is heralding the label’s unique evolution of modern feminity. “We’re incredibly proud to be unveiling our new vision for the kate spade new york store experience in Munich. Our brand and everything we make are a celebration of women — their personal style, confidence and realness,” she shared. The Munich store is part of a new retail vision which combines Kate Spade’s ethos of thoughtful style with modern confidence.

The exclusive cocktail party was held at the Brienner Strabe store, where starlets such as Julia Dietze, Nadine Warmuth, Rebecca Mir and Janin Ullmann mingled to the upbeat music of DJs Alyssa Cordes and Wana Limar. The stores lush interior with marble and velvet accents alongside the brand’s new signature matte pink and rose gold-striped wallpaper, created an expressive ambience to showcase Kate Spade’s newest collections. The pieces on display exuded tonal shades of pink, rose gold and signature deep green, forming a sophisticated palette perfect for the first days of spring.

Lisa Hahnbück

Mandy Bork

Niki Pauls

Sonia Lyson

Julia Dietze, Nadine Warmuth, Anna Bakst, Leandra Medine, Rebecca Mir and Janin Ullmann