When asked about the person that shaped you the most in life, would the answer be your mother?

For the fashion designer and founder of the brand Aéron it is crystal clear: her mother gave her access to education and style in a then communist Hungary. She opened the doors to show her another world – giving her insights into the shiny and exciting fashion business while traveling with her daughter as a textile retailer.

In an open letter, Eszter Áron emphasises her mother’s inspiration and shows through her new collection for Áeron, how an independent woman is perfectly dressed.

Interview spoke to the designer about her relationship with her mother, her home country Hungary and which projects she has in store for the near future.





INTERVIEW What were your main influences for the spring/summer collection of ÁERON?

ESZTER ÁRON The 2019 Spring / Summer collection is a really personal story for me as the inspiration behind it was my mother’s memory. She had an impeccable style mixing and matching pieces from her travels with the ones she found in the socialist Budapest of the eighties, creating a sophisticated, original, and feminine attitude. My designs are always personal and meant to empower women, and this is what I wanted to embrace with the silhouettes this season. My mother’s memory was behind all the knotting and tying, draping and re-thinking of every little detail that builds up to this collection.

I How did the relationship to your mother influence your design?

EA My mother was the one to open fashion’s door for me as she was a draper and had a textile shop. That world of wonderful fabrics fascinated me and set me on the road to become a fashion designer and start my own brand.

My mother embodied the real power woman of the eighties, her supportive and confident personality always inspired me to push for more and never be satisfied with the mediocre, so I am proud to use only the finest materials cut with superb craftsmanship. Her plucky, one-of-a-kind attitude taught me also to go against conformity, find my own way and speak my own visual language every season in every piece. In my collections I want women to feel just as unique and confident as my mother was.

I What was the best advice your mother ever gave you?

EA She taught me to let go and do not stick too much to things – this together with being in peace with yourself gives you freedom, power and openness to the world.

I How did your home country Hungary shape you?

EA My home country Hungary and my home town Budapest are rather present as a background for the imagery of my collections. I admire the architecture of my city and use it to frame my collections. In addition, as a private person, I think being a Hungarian means I am for a low-key, almost introvert minimalism.

I What makes up for a truly powerful woman?

EA I think a powerful woman can stand out for herself, she is independent and determined, but open to the world and she has a high emotional intelligence, she is perceptive.

I Which projects are you looking forward to?

EA We are just in the phase of extending the business to 4 collections a year and this a very exciting project! It means of course more and more work and strict deadlines, but I love what I do, so I find it more of a challenge than something to fear of.


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