Did you know that there is a special feature that distinguishes women’s from men’s jeans? Apart from the obvious, like style and cut, you can tell by the depth of the pockets.

The widespread metaphor of deeper pockets standing for wealth faces a fashion fact: The pockets on women’s jeans are on average around 48% smaller than on men’s jeans – as if they were tailored for their significantly lower and unfair salaries. The fair fashion brand Kings Of Indigo and creative agency DDB Berlin took on this topic and developed three women’s styles that tend to raise awareness in order to finally meet equality. The limited collection #EqualPockets turns jeans into a symbol for equal pay.

The front pockets of those models are lengthened with extra lining to match an average man’s jeans. The illustrator Salimah Gablan created empowering artwork for the fabric of the extended lining.

“Even when taking into account the level of education and years of experience, on average there is still a difference in the amount men and women get paid to do the same job, even in the most liberal countries. There are only six countries all over the world where there is equal pay. In this day and age that truly amazes me.” Elisabeth Verheijen, CEO of Kings of Indigo

One can hope that this capsule collection gets the ball rolling follows to raise awareness. It’s the seemingly small details that add up to a huge chunk of inequality in gender after all.

The first limited edition of the #EqualPockets Collection is available to pre-order here and will be available in stores soon.