Monsieur Dior had a passion for 18th century decorative arts. The timeless elegance and flair of this age is revisited in Dimore Studio‘s exclusive collection for Maison Dior. Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, the duo behind Dimore Studio, have made a distinctive contribution to Milan’s covetted design traditions, mastering  contemporary luxury design with vintage details. Making them the perfect counterpart for the enduring art de vivre of Dior Maison. For 2019’s Salone del Mobile, Dimore Studio was given carte blanche to create a series of precious objects for Dior Maison, which were exhibited at the beautiful Casa degli Atellani in Milan.

These unique creations echo House of Dior’s iconic design history combined with Dimore Studio’s unique comtemporary signature. The objects are veritable artworks, and with their clean lines delicately evoke Cubism and Surrealism, two artistic movements Christian Dior favoured. Following this strand of inspiration, a series of vases, a lighter, an ashtray and a tray within the collection are aptly titled Cubisme. Elsewhere Dior’s iconic initials CD make an appearance. Throughout, gold is an integral element subtly making appearances and referencing the fashion house’s signature colour and metal. Each setting plays on illusion, wherein black space counteracts with white chalk outlines, etchings of plants and paintings mingle with real objects.

Reality dances with imagination in this exceptional collection. Although Milan’s Salone del Mobile just wrapped up, below we’ve got a recap of this incredible design moment.