Exciting news from ARKET.

A limited edition of ARKET Cotton GSM featuring illustrations by artist Martin Fengel.

The collaboration between ARKET and Apartamento presents a playful interpretation of the four different jersey materials that make up the Cotton GSM program. Each piece has been edited with an illustration representing the qualities of the respective fabrics. The illustrations are created by Munich-based artist Martin Fengel.

We had a chat with the artist

Interview: Hi Martin, today is the launch of your collaboration with ARKET x Apartamento. How do you feel about that?
Martin Fengel: I’m very happy about it. Today I am tired though because we had lots of fun at the launch party last night.

How would you describe your work?
MF: Not boring

What were the challenges working on this collaboration?
MF: The challenge was to find something that describes or illustrates the different materials of the T-Shirts and make it look funny. I don’t know about other people’s humor though.

Can you describe the different drawings? How you decided the weight of the drawing and how you perceive them?
MF: I think I did something like 100 drawings and Apartamento and ARKET picked what they liked best. I wanted the drawings to be entertaining. Something inbetween ridiculous and overwhelming.

Your graphics are caricatural, is there always a statement behind or just emotion and fun?
MF: I hope they are not just fun, let’s put it like that – fun is also a statement.

Who would you like to see wearing one of the shirts?
MF: My wife (will happen later on)



The ARKET x Apartamento collection will be available in stores and online on 4 April 2019.