According to Laurens Von Oswald, Berlins Atonal co-curator, who spoke at a BBC World Service in 2018, the forms of music presented at Atonal are very close to a listening-experiment. They try to push the boundaries as far as hearing and communicating music is concerned.

But, even though it might seem that most do not understand avant-garde electronics, Berlin Atonal is yet again ready to challenge sonics and audiovisuals at their seventh edition. In their permanent home Kraftwerk, the festival gathers over 100 performances, shows, and art projects from August 28th to September 1st.

This year, singer, writer and viola player UCC Harlo opens the main stage. And since her last album ‘United’ brought reconciliation between classical and club music, her performance at Berlin Atonal is an exciting kick-off to five days of mind-opening sonic possibilities.

Here are some highlights Interview has selected for our readers:

Objekt + Ezra Miller
In order to create sublime and perplexing scenes, Dj Objekt fuses with artist Ezra Miller at the main stage on Saturday, 31st at 1 am. The partnership brings real-time generative art, interactive websites, and immersive experiences.


Félicia Atkinson
“Music for Helen Frankenthaler” is Félicia Atkinson’s latest piece debuting at Atonal on Saturday, 31st  at 9 pm. The main stage will host the French artist who makes abstract sound art and “ captures whispers set against blurred instrumentation“.


Mina Collective
Raving is a political act with the power to change cultural norms and create safe spaces for society’s’ “outcasts“ that might be denied, physically or emotionally violated everywhere else. Mina Collective is a queer transfeminist sex-positive party from Lisbon hosting the whole night of the 28th at Tresor. The party starts at midnight with BLEID, followed by Ketia, Violet, Odete, VIEGAS, and Marum.


Kali Malone + Rainer Kohlberger
Together with visuals from Rainer Kohlberger, Swedish producer Kali Malone uses synthetic and acoustic instrumentation in repetitive and extended durations. At 9 pm, September 1st, Malone performs a unique tuning system in minimalist form for analogue and digital synthesis often combined with acoustic instrumentation, such as pipe organ, strings, choir and wind instruments.


rRoxymore presents Face to Phase
Also on Sunday night, September 1st, musician rRoximore presents at Berlin Atonal a world premiere entitled Face to Phase. Her music is an intriguing, one-off blend of contrasting textures – organic and synthetic, icy and warm – a fresh step in dance music.


It is undeniable that Berlin Atonal is a historical mark in the creative audiovisual culture. Experimental content is challenging and is a part of our journey into discovering and allowing ourselves to get out of the standard concepts in which we perceive music. Therefore, partnering with the Atonal Festival, Interview is giving away two tickets for our readers. 
The raffle is happening through our Instagram page and you can apply here immediately.