When the artist Dorothy Iannone dedicated a song to her dear friend Mary Harding in 1977, she sang about her emotional reaction towards Berlin. She passionately chanted „And Berlin will always need you“. Strong words that set the stage for the exhibition currently taking place at Gropius Bau.

In detail, the show exclusively features artists that live and work in Berlin. A colourful mix of art, craftsmanship and concept is shown to the public from the 22nd of March until the 16th of April. One can see curated pieces of contemporary art that have a strong focus on elaborate techniques and especially textiles.

It’s about the fascination of fabric and the material itself – in reflection with the history of Gropius Bau. The house is questioned as a museum, an institution and as an establishment of power.

Walking through the halls of Gropius Bau, one can clearly see: the diversity of the shown pieces reflect the true nature of Berlin. It is a melting pot that is not solely german but its spirit is global. Interesting room concepts give space for the objects in order to convey their unique message and show their effect. In that sense a lot of the pieces are set on the floor or also hanging in the middle of the room – ready to interact with the viewer on a different level and explore power constructs.

A series of complex narratives are put forward – some of them are personal, some more universal or abstract. Visually, the exhibition strikes with a broad range of motifs, several of them found in Eastern religions, South American craftsmanship and Byzantine Mosaics. The ceiling of the Atrium at Gropius Bau (as seen in the title picture) was created by Japanese visual artist Chiharu Shiota who has been living in Berlin since 1996.

The exhibition was curated by Natasha Ginwala, Julienne Lorz and Stephanie Rosenthal. 20 different artists are on display and include names as Olaf Holzapfel, Dorothy Iannone, Willem de Rooij or Chiharu Shiota.


And Berlin Will Always Need You
On view: 22. March until 16. June 2019

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*in collaboration with Gropius Bau