Maison Louis Vuitton unveilled its new fragrance collection, Les Parfums. The fragrance trio bottles a feeling of summer and endless holidays, come to life through the sunny California-gaze of artist Alex Israel. The artist and filmmaker created artwork to match each fragrance with a unique West Coast ambience. Despite having a history of enlisting renowned artists to reimagine its classic logo – from Takashi Murkami to Jeff Koons – this is the brand’s first fragrance collaboration. Israel accepted  Louis Vuitton’s invitation, understanding “the company’s commitment to the arts” and the freedom and risks it allows its artists to take. It’s a freedom you can sense in the lightness of Les Parfums.

Master perfumer Jacques Cavalier Belletrud was tasked with creating the perfumes. Using unique ingredients he came up with the fragrances for Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim, which evoke the spontaneity of summer through the elements of sun, sky, gardens and sea. For Israel, the challenge was to “honour the scents” with his complimentary designs for the packaging and accessories. “Every scent can evoke experiences of one’s past, specific places and moments. This uncanny, this Deja Vu that fragrances evoke can certainly open up one’s thinking, and refocus one’s creative energy,” he explains. The Deja Vu, Israel conjures with this collaboration is the sea breeze, palm shade and night swims of his home town Los Angeles, his greatest muse: “It’s my home, the thing I know best, and a place of immense creative output, which emanates outwards to inform and entertain the rest of the world.”

Below discover the artworks accompanying  each scent and the inspiration behind them, in Alex Israel’s own words.

“I chose my Lens sculpture for the packaging of Sun Song. It’s an eight-foot-tall sunglass lens, made of UV protective plastic just like those in my sunglasses.”

“My work Desperado has been paired with Cactus Garden. It’s a small cast bronze replica of a movie prop: an abandoned classic convertible is parked next to a saguaro cactus in the desert, evoking all sorts of Hollywood narratives and myths about the American West.”

“I chose a Wave painting as the artwork to accompany Afternoon Swim. I drew my Wave graphic for the animated dream sequence of my film SPF-18. The Pacific Ocean is central to Los Angeles life—its never-ending waves dictate the rhythm of our city.”

Alex Israel’s artwork is also prominently displayed on special fragrance travel cases for the individual scents and an exclusive LV trunk that fits all three bottles. Shop the collection and collectible cases here