We are honouring Pride with a bang this summer – Interview’s LOVE IS LOVE zine just hit the shelves, celebrating love in all its shapes, colours and flavours.

As part of the publication, hair stylist and genius behind APwigs, Ali Pirzadeh and 3D artist, Jakub Oleskevic, contributed their own take on love. The outcome – cotton candy universe where love is sweet and scrumptious, loud and proud, vividly colourful and free for all. And well wigged, too!

Ali, who was the art director behind the image, wanted to show a united front, an army representing all the colours of the rainbow – a formation united by desire, beauty and lust, much like the colourful, queer community. This image celebrates how far we’ve come, but also serves as a reminder to stay united as there’s still a long road ahead.

To bring his vision to life, Ali teamed up with Jakub Oleskevic, 3D artist who created the image digitally. Echoing Ali, Jakub wanted to create a utopian Olympus of love, drawing upon his own aesthetic of soft colours, surrealism, and dreamlike scapes. Ali also challenged Jakub to digitise APwigs, luxury wig company run by Ali – a task that resulted in a stunning experiment to computerise beauty.
We invited Ali and Jakub to talk all things love:


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